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At any given time, 1 in 6 working-age adults have symptoms associated with mental health, and yet professional help is not always available. Learn how yoga can support good mental health and wellbeing. Delivered over two sessions, Saturday is theory based, Sunday is practical.


This session:

  • What is mental health?

  • Introduction to the five ways to wellbeing.

  • Yoga for mental wellbeing.​

Indra Herbert 

Yoga and Mental Wellbeing - Part 1


The session will focus on letting go emotionally and physically. Using yoga to let go of what we are holding on to, unravelling tension and stress in the body and breath. Letting go, giving into gravity, finding the resting place, experiencing freedom of body and spirit.

Kathrin Gerrard

Letting Go in Everyday Life


Exploring our personal relationship with the ground and the space around us.  Refining our sense of orientation in the world leads us to greater ease and stability in body and mind.  In this session we will test this concept through asana practice.

Andrea Newman

Roots and Wings


The body can be a tool through which we can develop personal strengths for life. In this session we will work physically to strengthen the spine in its different sections and we will discuss how a "strong backbone" can help us deal with life in a personal sense. It will be a very active class that will build up to some advanced backbends for those who like a challenge!

Karen Patterson

Developing Backbone