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Early morning Yoga led by Linda Morley and

members of the BWY SW Committee. Details of these will be available at the reception desk throughout the weekend.

Sonja Armstrong

Early Morning Yoga


SESSION F - SUNDAY AM (1030-1200)

Following on from Session A1, a yoga practice for mental wellbeing.

Indra Herbert

Yoga and Mental Wellbeing Part 2


In this class we will explore the importance of strong and active legs both for the physical body and in terms of the personal qualities connected with this. The class will develop a very active and strong "core" in the pelvic region to support extensive stretches in the legs. We can even work towards the splits for those who would like to.

Karen Patterson

Taking Strides


Are you starting or maintaining a daily practice - this will include asana, meditation and optional chanting.  This will be suitable for those who require a gentle practice, a chair practice or wheelchair practice.

Liz Woollard

Your Daily Practice


EBR3 opens the energy pathways around our heart centre and can create space in our lives whenever we feel stuck or trapped by our surroundings, job or relationships.

The session will include postures, breath work and deep relaxation.

Kim Mitchell

Dru Yoga - Energy Block Release Sequence 3 - Awakening the Heart