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This session will allow students to explore the sensations and therapeutic effects of combining breathing exercises with sounds.  The session will feature the mindful practice of the The Six Healing Sounds, a Taoist technique for balancing Chi, as well as more well known pranayama techniques such as Brahmari breathing.  Students should bring whatever equipment they need to enable them to sit comfortably during practice.

Tony Bathmaker

A Journey into Sound


Every pose is built from the ground up. Whatever part of our bodies that are in contact with the earth is the source of stability. Planting the seed, rooting down and allowing our bodies to grow and flourish, finding the foundations and experiencing the freedom it gives us. 'When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind' (source unknown).

Felicity Cornish

Root to Rise


How gentle, person-oriented yoga practice can help us develop a more loving attitude towards ourselves.  A nourishing practice for body and soul. We will go slow, open our hearts and explore how being gentle with our bodies produces an attitude of self-care. The session will end with a loving-kindness relaxation.

Kathrin Gerrard

Learning Self-love through Yoga Practice


An hour to dedicate to you. To really be in the moment... With your Breath, Body and Soul. An hour of gentle movement and relaxation to unwind, restore and rejuvenate

Felicity Cornish